Terms and Conditions

• The request for services provided by CETA-CUJAE is subject to coordination and approval by the academic committees of the university, acceptance of each of them is a right of the university, so the approval will be received in a timely manner. direct
• The prices, are only referred to the provision of each of the services, do not include transportation or insurance of the stay in Cuba.
• Students who request academic services must have a valid passport for entry and stay in Cuba. The entry into the country will be made, with a Student Visa (type D-2) that will be delivered by the Consulate or the Cuban Embassy in their country of residence, it is authorized by the Immigration and Immigration Office of Cuba at the request of the our university. To apply for your academic visa, interested parties must send the following information one month in advance of their arrival in Cuba:
o Full names and surnames of the student.
or Sex
o Passport number,
o Place (city, country) and date of birth.
o Current nationality.
o Place of residence in your country.
or Consulate of Cuba where the visa must be located.
o Estimated date of arrival in Cuba.
o Activity to be performed.
o Duration of the stay in Cuba.
o Place of residence in Cuba.
• When the student does not enter Cuba with the Student Visa, for justified reasons, they must immediately appear at the International Relations Office of the university and make the change of visa classification.
• The costs of the migratory procedures necessary to receive academic services in Cuba are not included in the fixed prices.
• All clients traveling to Cuba to receive any of the modalities of the services offered, must have a medical and life insurance to ensure their stay. Clients are accepted to receive services in Cuba, are responsible for managing a Travel Insurance Policy, with coverage of medical, dental and repatriation expenses in case of death, issued by recognized insurance entities in Cuba or by the Cuban insurance company ( ASISTUR SA). The insurers should be consulted by the applicants about repatriation procedures in case of sudden illness, accidents or death. Students, when traveling to our country, must possess and know all the necessary information about the level of coverage of the Policy managed during the stay in Cuba. To contact and consult with the Cuban insurance company ASISTUR SA:
Mail: [email protected]
Tel .: (53) 7866 4499
• You must confirm your arrival in Havana one week in advance, sending a copy of the air ticket and medical and life insurance.
• Payment must be made before your arrival in Cuba, according to the terms agreed in the offer and the billing made.
• Any cancellation of services already paid that are made at least 15 days before the start date of the services, will receive a refund of 75% of the amount paid.
• Any cancellation of services already paid less than 15 days before the start date of services, will receive a refund of 55% of the amount paid.
• All services must be covered by a contract that the client will sign upon arrival in Cuba and sign the acceptance of the service received.
• Once the services are started, no refund will be made when the customer abandons them.
• In the event of a claim by the client for poor quality of the service received under the signed Contract and for the purposes of economic compensation, due to the demonstrated responsibility of the CUJAE, the latter will respond only up to 80% of the total value charged in advance.
• The customer has the right to make a claim up to 60 days after the date of termination of the service.
CETA-CUJAE will notify the client of any change in the service start date, to cancel the customer service for this reason once the same has been paid, 85% of the value paid will be refunded.
• All the features, content, specifications and prices of the products and services described are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
• All the contents of the courses, laboratories, monographs and similar products sold are for private, domestic use (where there is no admission fee), they can not be reproduced.
Each specific offer will include the scope and conditions of the services requested.